About the Committee for Investor Responsibility

The Wesleyan Committee for Investor Responsibility (CIR) is a student, faculty, staff, and alumni panel that advises the University’s Board of Trustees on ethical matters related to the endowment. It takes the place of the Endowment Advisory Committee (EAC), an all-student committee under the authority of the Wesleyan Student Assembly.

The CIR is authorized to complete proxy votes and file shareholder resolutions on behalf of the University. It has no direct fiduciary responsibility, which rests with the Board of Trustees, but seeks to represent and empower the Wesleyan community in advocating for greater transparency and shareholder engagement with respect to endowment assets. Further information on the CIR’s activities can be found under the “Projects” tab.

The CIR is obliged by charter to consider any proposal from a member of the Wesleyan community relating to the University’s investments, and welcomes any such input. Please be in touch with our student members via email.

Get Involved Further

The CIR considers applications for new student members yearly. A public notice is sent out via campus-wide email. The application period for the 2019-2020 school year can be found here: https://forms.gle/bqzdYzSAnJXMn3zBA. Please feel free to learn more about the CIR by contacting us at sbery01@wesleyan.edu.