WSA Spring Class Year Elections 2018

The following candidates represent the individuals who will represent each class as Senators in the next Wesleyan Student Assembly. Thank you to all who voted!

Class of 2019

Rosanne Ng

Alessio Larios 

Joshua Cardenas

Aaron Cheung 

Allison McGlone


Class of 2020

Aditi Shenoy 

Justin Ratkovic

Madeleine Shea

Lucine Poturyan

Zhaoyu Sun

Cameron Costanzo


Class of 2021

Fitzroy ‘Pablo’ Wickham

Jake Kwon

Indigo Pellegrini de Paur

Felicia Soderberg

Ron Meehan

Ariel Deutsch

Amendment to the Election Bylaws: Senators Term Lengths

This resolution aims to decrease the turnover rate in the WSA and decrease the amount of elections dedicated individuals who wish to continue to be a senator have to run in. In the past few elections there have been more seats than candidates running, and only a few of those senators running gets a full year term. As a result, there are appointments made to fill the remaining seats where the individuals do not go through the entire elections process. This resolution simply states that if there are more seats than candidates running then the people who ran automatically get a full-year term. I think this is fair because if an individual has enough motivation to run and not wait for an appointment, then they should get the full-year term. Also, this resolution does not apply when there are more people running than seats available. In that case, the allotment of full year to semester term length should be equivalent to a 2/3 majority to 1/3 minority, wherein if the split should favor more full year seats in the case that the fraction does not divide evenly. Lastly, if an individual so chooses then they can receive a semester term, they simply have to alert the Chief of Staff in a written letter that they only want a semester term. In that case, nothing precludes them from running again in the next election cycle. Again, this resolution is pretty straightforward, and I hope it will decrease the amount of turnover and decrease the amount of elections dedicated individuals have to run in.

By Pauline Jaffe '21

Discussion on this resolution will happen in the WSA Senate Meeting on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 6:00pm in Boger Hall, Room 114. We invite all community members to come and voice their opinions on this matter and ask questions.

Project Safe Space Resolution

Project Safe Space is a resolution outlining the process after a student group participates in discriminatory deeds. Discrimination includes but is not limited to racist, xenophobic, ableist, classist, homophobic, transphobic, and/ or sexist actions towards a member of a student group on campus. Initially, the Equity and Inclusion Committee will spearhead this effort by participating in research. A separate committee will decide whether the student group will participate in a Sensitivity Training and/ or Restorative Justice Circle. As outlined in the resolution, “It is mandatory 90% of student group attends the Sensitivity Discussion in order to have the ability to request WSA funds through the Student Budget Committee (SBC) reinstated.” Lastly, a follow-up meeting will be conducted by the Equity and Inclusion committee in which the student group will have to show tangible actions demonstrating their commitment to equity and inclusion.

By Kimberly Ortega '20 and Steven Kidder '18 

Discussion on this resolution will happen in the WSA Senate Meeting on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 6:00pm in Boger Hall, Room 114. We invite all community members to come and voice their opinions on this matter and ask questions.

WSA Winter Elections 2017

Senate At-Large Elections- Winter 2017

Full-year term: 

  • Emma Austin 88 (44.44%)

  • Eugene Smith 87 (43.94%)

  • Vanessa Baker 78 (39.39%)

  • Ayana Dudley 76 (38.38%)

  • Esha Bhandari 70 (35%)

Semester term:

  • George Fuss 64 (32.32%)

  • Pauline Jaffe 62 (31.31%)

  • Eunes Harun 61 (30.81%)

  • Thomas Hanes 43 (21.72%)

  • Justin Campos 26

Congratulations to our elected senators! Thank you for voting. 

Register to vote!

The Wesleyan Student Assembly is proud to host the second annual Voter Accessibility Project. We want to make it easier for you to register to vote and/or request absentee ballot request forms by providing these resources without any barriers. Members of our general assembly will be tabling in USDAN from Thursday, October 26th to Friday, November 3rd during the lunch (11:30-1:30 p.m.) and dinner (5:00 to 8:00 p.m.) hour.

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WSA Winter Election Results

    Jan Carlos Pinales        173

    Tiler Wilson        163

    Aditi Shenoy        157

    Maximo Lipman    148

    Anthony Price        144

    Steven Kidder        141

    Janna Yousef        139

    Justin Campos        133

    Sherly Francois    130

    Phie Towie        118

    Dominic Vasquez    116

    Aaron Cheung             31

Food Over Winter Break: No Hungry Student Act

When we come to Wesleyan, we are sold on the promise that we will be supported and that our basic human rights will be respected and our needs met. We are told that as long as we are on campus our community will care for us and our administration will ensure our health and safety. Yet the University has neglected the 5 week-long winter break when campus is desolate, barely anything is open, the weather is brutally cold, and the closest affordable grocery store is a 30 minute walk. Students who stay over winter break are not being supported, provided for, and their basic need of access to food goes unacknowledged by Wesleyan. International students are given a plane ticket to get to Wesleyan to begin their studies, and a plane ticket to get them home when they conclude. However, during breaks, the university does little to help international students.  Leaving them on their own to feed themselves with the work study money they are supposed to be using to pay tuition and books.  If the University essentially requires these students to stay on campus, why do they not take care for them during the most isolating time? Many need-based international students cannot afford to go home over winter break and some other students have exceptional circumstances that require them to stay as well. Staying on campus over winter break in these situations is not a choice.


No Hungry Student Act is a collaboration between WSA members and the administration. It seeks to act as a starting point to resolve this issue and relieve students of the burden of paying for food over winter break. This act outlines a stipend program for all international students on need-based aid and domestic students with exceptional circumstances who are staying for the entirety of winter break to receive a cash stipend for food over the break. During the two weeks during winter break that Usdan Marketplace is open, students will be placed on a free meal plan to allow them to eat on campus. This program will begin as a pilot this year, 2016-2017.


Food is a right. The University must live up to its promise to provide for its students. While the No Hungry student act does not resolve this issue in its entirety, it gives us a starting point from which we can address the issues plaguing those neglected during breaks.


By Emma Austin ‘19, Claudia Kahindi ‘18, and Jacob Maiman-Stadtmauer ‘19


Discussion on this resolution will happen in the WSA Senate Meeting on Sunday, November 20th, 2016 at 6:00pm in Boger Hall, Room 114. We invite all community members to come and voice their opinions on this matter and ask questions.


Hate Speech Statement

We are deeply distraught that the results of this election have emboldened many on our campus and around the country to engage in hate speech. The hate speech we have seen in the past few days, including threats of physical harm, challenges the values our community holds: safety and inclusivity among them. We will not stand by nor tolerate racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, Islamophobia, or xenophobia on this campus.

In moving forward, we are looking at better ways to report and communicate instances of hate speech on campus--that could mean bringing back the Campus Climate Report. Beyond speech, many members of our community fear for their physical safety and immigration status in addition to the safety and status of those they love. Thus far, we have called for Wesleyan to become a Sanctuary Campus, and are eager undertake further supportive actions.

If you have ideas for how the Administration could respond to protect the needs of our student body, please let us know. We will continue to advocate for our community in this time of hurt and uncertainty.

WSA Representative to Sit on Intra-Greek Council Press Release

Both the WSA and the Intra-Greek Council recognized the lack of a direct or formal connection between their two organizations and thus decided to institutionalize a liaison position that would enhance communication and deepen understanding. We acknowledge that the experience of being in a the Greek community is unique and that having that intimate knowledge allows for one to better understand the specific needs of the Greek community. Therefore, this position will be filled by a member of the WSA who is Greek, to be elected by the members of the Student Life Committee on the WSA. Greek life is an aspect of student life on this campus and seeing as though many other facets of student life have existing pathways of communication with the Student Life Committee of the WSA, this position will work closely with the Student Life Committee.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact Emma Austin at or Elizabeth Shackney at

Ammendment to the Minutes Resolution Press Release

After years of having the right to strike statements from the minutes, this practice was finally questioned by many senate members following the October 9th General Assembly meeting. Much to the surprise of the WSA, there was no language surrounding minutes and the specific guidelines for these minutes within the bylaws of the WSA. This discovery led to an extensive discussion at the October 16th meeting regarding the ethics of striking one’s statements from the minutes and the implications that subsequently follow. Overwhelmingly, senators think that the act of striking statements from the minutes reduces transparency and contradicts the very sentiment that having open meetings conveys. Thus, this resolution institutionalizes both a protocol for taking minutes as well as a strict ban on striking statements from the minutes. The WSA is committed to transparency. The minutes of every meeting are posted on the WSA website and we ensure that they are authentic and accurate. Any member of the Wesleyan community has the resources to be informed on the work the WSA is doing and hold senators accountable.


If you have questions or comments please feel free to contact Emma Austin at


WesWell Director Search Committee

Joyce Walter, The Director of the Davison Health Center, has just announced that Seirra Fowler will be joining Wesleyan as the new Director of WesWell! Fowler will be responsible for coordinating a comprehensive health promotion program, working closely with the staff of health services and CAPS, and facilitating a variety of health and wellness programming initiatives. Walter tells us that Seirra is currently finishing her work at Louisiana State University as Assistant Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, and she will begin her time with us on January 3, 2017. Seirra has expertise in Bystander Intervention implementation and training, as well as sexual violence prevention, advocacy and outreach.

Many students were involved in interviewing Seirra, and played important roles in the selection process. Students from the WSA, peer health interns, residential life and more all gave detailed feedback on each candidate. These student representatives include:

·      Isabel Bartholomew

·      David Lopez-Wade

·      Joie Akerson

·      Colby Sangree

·      Breanna Ellis

·      Maxine Gibb

·      Aliya Shecter

·      Caitlin O’Keeffe

Seirra Fowler will be a wonderful addition to our Wesleyan administration. If you have any questions regarding the student role in the WesWell director search committee, please reach out to me ( or any other student representatives.


SALD Director Search Committee

This past week, Michelle Myers-Brown, Director of the Usdan University Center, announced that Joanne Rafferty will be taking up the position of Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development/New Student Orientation. Some background on Joanne, as well as some additional updates, from Michelle’s e-mail:

Joanne has been with Wesleyan since 2007 in the role of Associate Director of Operations in the Usdan Administration Department.  She brings a great deal of experience to the table from her work with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of Connecticut through experiences in event planning, student activities, orientation and leadership development! I am as excited for Joanne to begin her new role in SALD as is she!  Joanne will begin her new role on November 1st. Joanne and I will be working together to jump right into the search for the SALD Assistant Director search as well.  In the interim, please continue to contact me for anything related to the responsibilities of this position.

Students played a key role in the selection process, and their feedback was heavily factored into the final decision. Leadership from various areas of campus sat for lunch interviews with four candidates. The student and SALD representatives at these interviews included:

  • Kayla Schlenz

  • Taylar Clark

  • Nikolas Ortega

  • Yael Horowitz

  • Grace Wong

  • Lizzie Shackney

  • Hailey Broughton-Jones

  • Gili Lipman

  • Kelly D’oleo

  • Aleyda Robles

  • Victoria King

  • Tova Weisel


If you have any questions about the student role in the SALD director search committee, please feel free to reach out to me ( or any of the other student representatives.

Voter Accessibility

With only one month to go before Election Day, the WSA has created a Voter Accessibility page so students can easily access voter registration forms, absentee forms as well as any other information needed in regards to the voting process. The WSA along with the Allbritton Center will provide stamps as well as envelopes in order to send registration forms as well as absentee request forms. Because state deadlines are approaching, make sure to print out forms so you can send them out as quickly as possible. The envelopes and stamps will be available in the WSA office by early next week. Also, throughout next week, tabling in Usdan will happen where students can print out forms as well as ask any questions about the voting process. Staff from the Allbritton center as well as WSA members will be able to answer questions.


This action is in accordance with Resolution 20.37 or the Voter Accessibility Act (VAA) passed last semester.


Here are additional voting resources:


Rock the Vote

Campus Vote Project


Wesleyan Registrar Voting Page

WSA Press Release on Scott Backer

The members of the WSA, like other students, are trying to process the news about Scott Backer. We are sad, shocked, and outraged. 

Scott Backer was entrusted to handle cases of sexual assault. After many students complained about his disposition, it took the unearthing of previous allegations of sexual misconduct to terminate his employment at Wesleyan. Even still, the Administration waited until the Globe article was published to be forthcoming with the student body about the reason for Backer’s termination, instead of being fully transparent as soon as this came to light.

We stand in solidarity with survivors who now question whether or not they had a fair hearing. We stand in solidarity with survivors who are now even more reticent to report their assault to the administration.

We are committed to action, but, like other students, are still trying to sort out what our goals should be at this time. We are eager to listen: we’ll be attending the WhoRunsWes Town Hall on Tuesday to listen and think about next steps. Afterwards, we’ll look at how the WSA can take action.

Rebecca Hutman '17, President

Nila Ravi '16, Vice-President

WSA Student Group Update

Hello Wesleyan Community!

Today, the Community Committee of the WSA updated the student groups that exist on OrgSync. Your group currently exists if you attended one of the student group registration sessions at the beginning of the semester. Below you will find a spreadsheet with all groups whom have been deleted. If you would like to re-register your group for the semester, please navigate to and follow the steps for registration. 

WSA Elections

At-Large Election (Top 7)

Alessio Larios  151

Jackie Manginelli 143

Keishan Christophe 41

Olivia Cai 136

Justin Campos 125

Dominic Vasquez 121

Steven Kidder 111


William Maldonado 91

Class of 2020 Election (Top 8)


Aliya Shecter 150

Kimberly Ortega 142

Jack Ginsberg 119

Justin Ratkovic 117

Christopher Jackson 95

Jan-Carlos Pinales 94

Maximo Lipman 89

Eugene Smith 87


Sajirat "Bright" Palakarn 84

Livia Wallick26 83

Nikhil Ghosh 78

Gad Licht 70

Cormac Chester 59

Daniel Rodriguez 56

Kevin Liu 56

WSA Publication Fund Referendum

Appreciating the unique role of student journalism at Wesleyan and recognizing the inherent complications that arise when a student government directly funds campus media publications, Resolution 15.37 (passed by the WSA on April 3, 2016) seeks to resolve some of the conflicts which arose in the 2015-2016 school year. The solution is the creation of a "Media Publications Fund", which will act as the principal body allocating funds to media publications on campus. Starting in the 2017-2018 school year the Media Publications Fund will be supported by a $13 per-semester student voluntary opt-out fee modeled after the Green Fund. 

Note that any student who wishes not to pay this fee, for whatever reason, does not have to: anyone may anonymously opt-out at any time.