Resolution Increasing Access to Policy Making Passes

This past Sunday the Wesleyan Student Assembly passed Resolution 4.37, The Resolution Supporting Bylaws Amendment for Students to Directly Propose Resolutions. Despite it's long name, the effects are rather simple. Resolution 4.37 lays out guidelines for how the Wesleyan Student Assembly will respond to petitions. The guidelines allow for the larger student body to directly introduce resolutions for the Wesleyan Student Assembly to vote on. For a petition to be voted on by the WSA it must be in the form used for other Wesleyan Student Assembly resolutions. Additionally, the number of signatories on the petition must be at least equal to the number of votes that the currently serving, democratically elected senator who received the least number of votes garnered. We believe this will lead to a more democratic, responsive, and transparent WSA with official guidelines for responding to petitions and allowing all students to propose resolutions.

For full text of resolution go to our legislation page here .

Post author: Jacob Maiman-Stadtmauer '19