The Search for a New Head Librarian

This past month, I along with multiple members of the faculty, have worked with an outside firm, Isaacson Miller, to find and discuss candidates for the position of new head librarian for Wesleyan. At the moment, we have an interim Librarian, Diane Klare. This past week, we have interviewed semi-finalists for the position and have gotten down to a final three. Over the next week or so, there will be informal interviews where I along with other students from the WSA and students who work in the library, will talk with the candidates to get a better understanding from them if they would do a good job as the Wesleyan Head Librarian. This position is very important, as the new head librarian will be an ambassador for Wesleyan and a figure who will improve informal and formal academic learning. The vision for the new head librarian will be to reassess the library space and to reconfigure a library for the 21st century among other vital duties.

Posted by: Noah Kahan '19