Frosh: Welcome to Wes!

Congratulations and welcome to Wesleyan!

We are so excited to have you join our dynamic and caring community.  Wesleyan is a one-of-a-kind group of students who pursue their diverse passions, engage with the community around them, and contribute to the world. You will get your first taste of this community during freshman Orientation, a crash course in Wes success and a great opportunity to meet your classmates and learn about opportunities to get involved.

The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA), Wesleyan’s student government, is meant to serve as a support system and an advocate for students to make your Wesleyan experience as meaningful and enjoyable as possible. Not only do we organize and fund all student groups on campus, but we also sit on the Board of Trustees and regularly meet with top administrators to advocate for student rights. If you are interested in issues such as environmental sustainability, sexual assault prevention, racial justice, socio-economic inclusion or even reducing textbook costs, improving dining options, enhancing weekend social life and distributing student group funds, you should absolutely get involved with the WSA.

We have recently gone through a major face-lift, reorganizing our committee structure to be less hierarchical, changing our meeting format to be more accessible and overall adjusting the way we operate to be as inclusive and transparent as possible. We now meet every Sunday night at 7pm alternating between totally open Town Hall Meetings and General Assembly legislative sessions. For more info, come to one of our information sessions during Orientation and check our new website (just launching today!) at In terms of the student groups we register and help organize, Wesleyan boasts more than 300 unique student groups and clubs that any student can join. You can learn more about each group at the annual WSA Student Activities Fair on September 17th. If you don’t find something that fits, you can get together with other interested students and create your own student group. WSA representatives will help you find resources and get your group organized, funded, and started. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the WSA or life in general at Wesleyan.

We look forward to meeting you at orientation!


Kate and Aidan

Kate Cullen, President (

Aidan Martinez, Vice-President (