WesWell Director Search Committee

Joyce Walter, The Director of the Davison Health Center, has just announced that Seirra Fowler will be joining Wesleyan as the new Director of WesWell! Fowler will be responsible for coordinating a comprehensive health promotion program, working closely with the staff of health services and CAPS, and facilitating a variety of health and wellness programming initiatives. Walter tells us that Seirra is currently finishing her work at Louisiana State University as Assistant Director of Wellness and Health Promotion, and she will begin her time with us on January 3, 2017. Seirra has expertise in Bystander Intervention implementation and training, as well as sexual violence prevention, advocacy and outreach.

Many students were involved in interviewing Seirra, and played important roles in the selection process. Students from the WSA, peer health interns, residential life and more all gave detailed feedback on each candidate. These student representatives include:

·      Isabel Bartholomew

·      David Lopez-Wade

·      Joie Akerson

·      Colby Sangree

·      Breanna Ellis

·      Maxine Gibb

·      Aliya Shecter

·      Caitlin O’Keeffe

Seirra Fowler will be a wonderful addition to our Wesleyan administration. If you have any questions regarding the student role in the WesWell director search committee, please reach out to me (ashecter@wesleyan.edu) or any other student representatives.