WSA Press Release on Scott Backer

The members of the WSA, like other students, are trying to process the news about Scott Backer. We are sad, shocked, and outraged. 

Scott Backer was entrusted to handle cases of sexual assault. After many students complained about his disposition, it took the unearthing of previous allegations of sexual misconduct to terminate his employment at Wesleyan. Even still, the Administration waited until the Globe article was published to be forthcoming with the student body about the reason for Backer’s termination, instead of being fully transparent as soon as this came to light.

We stand in solidarity with survivors who now question whether or not they had a fair hearing. We stand in solidarity with survivors who are now even more reticent to report their assault to the administration.

We are committed to action, but, like other students, are still trying to sort out what our goals should be at this time. We are eager to listen: we’ll be attending the WhoRunsWes Town Hall on Tuesday to listen and think about next steps. Afterwards, we’ll look at how the WSA can take action.

Rebecca Hutman '17, President

Nila Ravi '16, Vice-President