Ammendment to the Minutes Resolution Press Release

After years of having the right to strike statements from the minutes, this practice was finally questioned by many senate members following the October 9th General Assembly meeting. Much to the surprise of the WSA, there was no language surrounding minutes and the specific guidelines for these minutes within the bylaws of the WSA. This discovery led to an extensive discussion at the October 16th meeting regarding the ethics of striking one’s statements from the minutes and the implications that subsequently follow. Overwhelmingly, senators think that the act of striking statements from the minutes reduces transparency and contradicts the very sentiment that having open meetings conveys. Thus, this resolution institutionalizes both a protocol for taking minutes as well as a strict ban on striking statements from the minutes. The WSA is committed to transparency. The minutes of every meeting are posted on the WSA website and we ensure that they are authentic and accurate. Any member of the Wesleyan community has the resources to be informed on the work the WSA is doing and hold senators accountable.


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