Voter Accessibility

With only one month to go before Election Day, the WSA has created a Voter Accessibility page so students can easily access voter registration forms, absentee forms as well as any other information needed in regards to the voting process. The WSA along with the Allbritton Center will provide stamps as well as envelopes in order to send registration forms as well as absentee request forms. Because state deadlines are approaching, make sure to print out forms so you can send them out as quickly as possible. The envelopes and stamps will be available in the WSA office by early next week. Also, throughout next week, tabling in Usdan will happen where students can print out forms as well as ask any questions about the voting process. Staff from the Allbritton center as well as WSA members will be able to answer questions.


This action is in accordance with Resolution 20.37 or the Voter Accessibility Act (VAA) passed last semester.


Here are additional voting resources:


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