Disabling OrgSync Profiles and SmartKeys of Inactive Student Groups Press Release

This past week the Communications Committee of the Wesleyan Student Assembly started disabling the OrgSync profiles and SmartKeys of inactive student groups to help reduce unnecessary bulk overhead spending. Entering the academic year with over 300 student groups, the WSA had to pay OrgSync a premium rate in order to support all the profiles of these student groups, many of which have been inactive for a while. In addition, with a clearer picture of how many groups are active at Wes, the Student Budget Committee (SBC) can have a better understanding of how they should equitably allocate funds throughout the year. Thus, there is a need to determine which groups are active and which are not. 

To determine whether student groups were active or not, student group leaders were asked to come to any one of 24 short group confirmation meetings in the month leading up to Spring Break.  All student groups’ administrators were notified of these meetings via email. During these meetings student group leaders were shown how to use the different features of OrgSync to help organize events, contact members, and ensure the continuity of their student group. If a student group failed to have a representative attend any of these meetings they were marked as inactive.

After these meetings, all inactive student groups’ leaders were contacted via email about an appeals process to avoid mistakingly deactivating groups and give one more chance for student groups to avoid being disabled. The deadline for appeals was Monday, March 28, 2016. If a student group failed to have a representative attend any one of the student group confirmation meetings and did not submit an appeal, their OrgSync profiles and SmartKeys were disabled. The appeals process is currently ongoing, with the appeals process composed of one student representative from the Communications Committee and two from the Wesleyan Student Assembly General Assembly. Decisions on appeals will be released by next week. 

By disabling inactive student groups, the Communications Committee will be able to reduce their overhead spending for the use of OrgSync, thus freeing up more funds to be distributed to active student groups. With only active groups having OrgSync profiles and SmartKeys, the SBC can now also have a better outlook on how they should be distributing funds toward student groups.