Press Release for Resolution to Promote Fair Labor Practices and Sustainability in Wesleyan Construction and Maintenance Projects

On Sunday, April 24, the Wesleyan Student Assembly introduced a resolution calling upon the administration to hire unionized, non-exploitative, diverse labor for all upcoming construction projects. A number of projects are slated for the next two years, mainly to be completed over the summer when students are not on campus. Currently the university does not make unionized labor a priority in the hiring process and, while it espouses principals of nondiscrimination, it does not actively aim for the labor force to be diverse. 

The resolution aims to ensure that labor practices for construction projects at Wesleyan are to the highest possible standard. It includes a clause requiring racial, gender identity, religious, and sexual orientation diversity among those hired. It also calls upon the university to ensure that information on payroll and on sexual harassment reporting procedures is freely available and transparent to workers. Because work done on Wesleyan’s campus should be not only equitable but also environmentally sustainable, the resolution recommends that the university make sustainability a priority both in renovations of old buildings and in new construction projects. Amid the bidding process and the selection of contractors for construction projects, the university has many concerns including cost, speed, and safety. Through our resolution we hope to remind the university to make fair labor a top priority.  

The full text of the resolution can be found by clicking here.

Voting will take place on Sunday, May 1st. All are invited.