Resolution for Pro-Active Transparency Press Release

The Wesleyan Student Assembly has always worked to be a transparent student government that engages the student body. However, the WSA has not always succeeded in this regard. The Resolution for Pro-Active Transparency takes massive steps in making the WSA a more transparent and responsible representative body. This resolution mandates that any piece of legislation proposed to the Wesleyan Student Assembly be accompanied by a press release explaining what it does. It also requires that all major or potentially controversial actions taken by WSA committees or subcommittees be explained through press releases. These press releases will be sent to all major publications on campus and posted on all platforms available to the WSA.

This resolution will move the WSA toward being a more transparent, responsive, and democratic institution. It will help bring to light the actions of the WSA’s committees and subcommittees. These press releases will also help increase civic engagement of the larger student body and initiate more meaningful conversations on Wesleyan’s campus about what the WSA does.

Discussion on this resolution will happen in the WSA Senate Meeting on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 6:00PM in 41 Wyllys, Room 114. We invite all community members to come and voice their opinions on this matter.