Register to Vote in the CT Presidential Primary

While we have our own WSA Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections coming up soon, we'd also like to remind you to register to vote in the US Presidential Elections. 

The Connecticut Presidential Primary is happening on April 26th and now is the time to register to vote! If you are a U.S. Citizen and a Wesleyan student, you are considered a resident of Middletown and are therefore eligible to vote in the Connecticut elections. Registering to vote is a fairly simply process and should only take you a few minutes. 

If you are registered to vote in another state and are planning on voting in the primary there, you cannot also resister and vote in CT. 

Please make sure to read this entire email to prevent errors in your registration. 

How do I register? 
You can register easily online using this link:  
Paper applications are also available at the Wesleyan Registrar’s Office on the 1st Floor of North College.

When do I need to register by? 
The deadline to register online is April 21st

What do I list as my address? 
You must use the street address of your dorm or house on the registration form. You can find your physical street address here. For mailing address, you should enter your WesBox address. 

Should I enroll in a political party? 
In order to vote in the presidential primary you must enroll in the political party of the primary you want to vote in (ex. Democrat, Republican, other). 

Where do I vote? 
Most students will vote in Middletown’s Voting District 14. The polling location is Beckham Hall.

Register online before April 21st. Vote at Beckham Hall on April 26th

More info can be found on Wesleyan’s Voter Registration page.