WSA 2015-2016 Newsletter

To our fellow Wesleyan students and friends, 

A year ago, a new Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) leadership was elected in on the promise of bringing equity, inclusion and compassionate community building to the core of an aging student government structure. Reflecting on a challenging year for our campus and our nation, various WSA members have taken initiative towards these goals, surpassing even our original intention. The work is never over and as we transition to a new leadership, with Rebecca Hutman ‘17 as President and Nila Ravi ‘18 as Vice President, we want to ensure our goals and achievements are well communicated to the greater community.

Below is an infographic with our main initiatives and further information on other projects. You can also find here our official letter in response to the Final Report of the Presidential Equity Task Force committing to expand our efforts related to the Task Force’s recommendations.

Through our diverse life experiences we have all seen the cruelty of the world and more specific to Wesleyan, the challenges of realizing our progressive ideals at an institution built on elitism and exclusivity. The national media continues to portray a millennial moral conviction and campus activism as that of a “coddled” generation that “chills” open discourse. Struggling to see this reality in our day-to-day experience, this does not need to be the defining narrative if we don’t let it. The path towards a more tolerant Wesleyan community requires honest and deliberate engagement from all parts of campus, willingness to listen, and the conviction to take real action. We all came to this university for a reason and growing a vibrant and compassionate community is our responsibility to work towards together.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at with your thoughts and reflections from the semester. Thank you.

Our final sign off,

Kate and Aidan