The Young Invincibles Talk Student Loans at Wes


On Wednesday, July 20th, the WSA’s Student Life Committee hosted a roundtable discussion with Young Invincibles (YI) Advisors, a social impact firm that focuses on Millennials and is a project of Young Invincibles, a nonprofit that advances economic opportunity for young people. YI Advisors is working with Great Lakes, a loan servicer that works with students to help them pay off their debts after graduation. They’re developing tools and resources to make the loan repayment process easier and to improve upon the education and information that students receive when they consider taking out loans and as they approach repayment. Before Great Lakes and YI Advisors can create new resources, they’re gauging student knowledge and opinions on issues surrounding student loans, and that’s where the strategists at YI Advisors and students at Wesleyan come in.

Areeba Hasan came in from DC to lead the discussion, asking a set list of questions while also encouraging frank conversation. Bob Coughlin, the Director of Financial Aid, attended the session to improve upon his office’s outreach efforts and understand students’ perspective of the loan process. Even though campus emptier over the summer, we were still able to bring a few students together to chat and learn. For those of us who took part, the event proved interesting, and Areeba challenged us to assess our own financial literacy. Plus, there was pizza.

As advocacy groups perform research and ensure that student voices are part of the research process, we’re thinking about ways that we can reach students as well. We’re looking forward to more solutions driven by conversations with you in the upcoming year!