What does running for the Senate mean?

As a Senate member, you will serve on one of four standing committees (Communications, Academic Affairs, Student Life, or Student Budget) and have direct access to administrators. The opportunity for personal growth and development is solely restricted by what you want. This year, the WSA has an opportunity to re-establish what student government means to our campus. Now is your time to make our community better.

Run for the Senate! We'd love to have you on board.

Election Timeline

In order to be put on the ballot, candidates must secure 25 signatures from members of the student body. For fall elections, these signatures must be from students in the candidate's class year. The petition form can be accessed here. Candidates may also run write-in campaigns.

The Petition Period starts Monday, September 7th and ends Friday, September 11th. All petitions must be submitted to the WSA office by 5PM on Friday and candidate statements must be emailed to wsa@wesleyan.edu at that time as well.

A mandatory candidates' meeting will be held on Sunday, September 13th at 6PM in Usdan 110. If you are unable to make the meeting, please notify any of the members on the Elections Committee or email wsa@wesleyan.edu WITH a proxy (i.e. an individual who will attend in lieu of the candidate). Candidates are encouraged to attend the first WSA House Meeting at 7PM afterwards.

Elections will begin Monday, September 14th at 12:00AM and end on Friday, September 18th at 11:59PM. Candidates will be notified of the results promptly at 12:00AM. 

Election Rules

Campaigning is permitted and encouraged.

  • Physical campaigning, which includes any form of written or oral communication containing a candidate’s name or likeness, is prohibited within public campus computer labs and libraries.
  • Candidates may utilize the Internet for their campaigning provided they do not violate the above clauses.
  • No one may send personal campaigning emails or information to WSA-produced listservs or social media profiles (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • We ask that candidates not spend more than $25 on campaign-related expenses. This spending limit does not apply to printing on standard letter-sized paper on Wesleyan or personal printers. Professional or outside printing services will count against that limit. All goods will be considered and calculated at the publicly offered price. The Elections Committee reserves the right to request receipts for election-related expenditures.
  • Candidates are eligible for up to 25 pages of free printing on the WSA Office printer. Use of the WSA Office printer is restricted to the WSA Office’s publicized business hours. Please report any printing to the WSA Office staff for records. Candidates are prohibited from use of the office after business hours.

Any decision made by the Elections Committee may be appealed by a vote of two-thirds of the WSA General Assembly.

Repercussions for illegal campaigning:

  • A candidate will be responsible for acts in violation of the WSA Constitution and Elections Rules that ze commits or is aware of. Immediately after becoming aware of a violation, the candidate is responsible for notifying the Elections Committee. If the candidate is deemed responsible for the violation, ze cannot run as an official candidate for any position in a subsequent redo election.
  • If, once the election has begun, the elections committee determines that illegal campaigning has occurred, the candidate(s) in question shall be removed from the ballot and disqualified from the election. The Elections Committee shall bring this issue to the Assembly, and the Assembly has the right to nullify the election with a two-thirds majority vote at any time.
  • The Elections Committee will keep record of all formally submitted complaints/allegations of illegal campaigning and the actions taken on them.
  • The candidate may run in subsequent elections or participate in any following appointment provided that the election rules are adhered to.

Questions, comments, and complaints should be directed to wsa@wesleyan.edu or any of the Elections Committee members.

Best of Luck.