Creating structures that turn good intentions into good actions and results is the main goal of the “Equity and Inclusion” programs run by the Wesleyan Student Assembly listed below. Following the BUILD principles, students and student groups motivated to create change will have student government support and resources to create the change they want to see in the world.

Bring solutions and products to people of all backgrounds.
Utilize data to recognize and counteract inequities internally and externally.
Institute processes that turn good intentions into good actions and products.
Learn from case studies and research.
Drive changes with compassion and understanding.

Note on History of Inequity at the Wesleyan Student Assembly

The Wesleyan Student Assembly has only recently begun to show improvements in socio-economic, racial, and gender diversity. However it is recognized that for many years the assembly has been disproportionately dominated by white, males, and non-financial aid students. Since the assembly has not tracked demographics in the past it is hard to say by exactly how much the assembly has improved on a year to year basis. Progress on diversity and inclusion can be fragile, and with the new self-mandated metric collection the assembly hopes to continue to keep the pressure on making the assembly inclusive to female, low-income, minority and other marginalized students.