The Student Life Committee (SLC) consists of 12 members. It was created after the 2014-2015 constitutional review in order to improve continuity and allow for intersectional student life subcommittees to be under the same committee. This committee merges the Student Affair Committee and the Sustainability, Finance, and Facilities committee into one. Three subcommittees exist under the SLC: Environmental Sustainability, Physical and Mental Wellbeing, and Campus and Social Life. During the 2015-2016 school year, the SLC will review subcommittees that existed under the SAC and SuFFac, decide which ones have the most opportunity for students to voice their concerns and cause change, and improve the efficacy of those subcommittees. Campus offices that the SLC is involved in include Public Safety, Residential Life, Physical Plant, the Green Fund, Wesleyan's Finance Office, Freeman Athletic Center, and more.

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