Starting on July 24th, the SBC budget request period is open (and it will remain open until August 26th). We will be accepting budget requests from student groups under the strict condition that you (or your successor for the 2018-2019 academic school year) attend Financial Manager training in the fall. The training will most likely take place during the week of the 23rd of September; stay tuned for an all-campus email with more info.

Requests for funding over the summer should be restricted to urgent needs or for events that occur regularly and have previously been approved for funding by past SBCs. If you are interested in securing some summer funding or you would like help drafting a semester-long budget, please reach out to the 2019-20 Chair who would be happy to help you craft a budget that will get approved.

The SBC will meet for the first time during the week of September 23rd; you will not be able to get a budget approved until then if you do not submit in the summer funding period.

The process for submitting a summer budget is the same as the regular budget, except you will not have to come to a meeting.

When submitting a budget request, please keep in mind the following:

  • Requests should be itemized (e.g. each item you are requesting funding for receives its own line)

  • Shipping, state taxes, and/or federal taxes need to be accounted for if applicable

  • SBC will not fund orientation activities that occur after fall break

  • If you want to bring a lecturer or performer, it will take six weeks upon receiving funding to go through the contract request process 

    Please check out our bylaws or reach out to if you have any questions about what we can and cannot fund.