The WSA is part of the Textbook Exchange Network, a student-run peer-to-peer textbook exchange program where students can buy and sell books to each other. We are open during the first two weeks of the semester (all of drop-add period) as well as the last week of the semester. On the days that we are open, we typically set up in the lobby of Olin Library between 12pm-5pm. Announcements will be made on Facebook when we officially open!

How it Works


To sell a textbook, come in with your book during our opening hours. Our volunteers will help you list your book onto a public spreadsheet. You get to choose the price for your book, and how you would like to be paid (Venmo or cash). After that, we will keep your book for you until it is sold. If your book is not yet sold, you can come and take it back from us at any time, or you can choose to donate it to the Resource Center after two years. If your book gets sold, we will either Venmo you, or you can come in to pick up cash. You should receive an email to confirm that the book has been sold and that you should expect receipt of payment.


To buy a textbook, come in during our opening hours and let us know the title of the book you wish to purchase. Check out our public spreadsheet below for the list of books your peers have listed for sale. (If you are unable to view the spreadsheet below, click here.) When you have selected a book to purchase, we will help facilitate the transaction through either Venmo or cash.


If you have any questions regarding the textbook exchange program, please feel free to email Jake Kwon ‘21 (AAC Chair ‘19-’20) at hkwon02@wesleyan.edu, or Ben Garfield ‘22 at bgarfield@wesleyan.edu.