Criteria For Receiving Website Funding or Support:

•Registered student group with the Wesleyan Student Assembly.

•Website has a recurring Wesleyan audience and user base,

•Serves an informational and mission related purpose,

•Must be more than a vanity site that showcases member profiles,

•Cannot be for business or personal gain,

Recovery Requirements:

•Student group leaders receiving website funding must submit login credentials to ITS for recovery purposes. ITS will store login credentials in a secure server,

•In order for a student to retrieve credentials the student must be a leader in the organization's Orgsync group. ITS will verify this before handing over credentials. 


•Allows for student groups to decide which website builder they want,

•Domain name registration is the responsibility of the student group. Include this in the line-item budget request. 


1. Research free website builders and see if they can fit your student group's needs. Current Popular ones are: Wix, Weebly, and Google Sites. 

2. If your student group would still like a paid website, prepare to convince the budget committee members of the following: potential monthly website viewership numbers, relation of website to the group's mission, value of the website to the Wesleyan community. 

3. Schedule a meeting and submit a budget with the student budget committee. For instructions on how to do that go here.

4. If website funding request is approved, you will need to do the following before you can get reimbursed by the WSA office:
•Send your website login credentials to ITS for recovery in case your student group forgets to hand over the credentials to future leaders. SBC will give you the contact information. 
•Copy and paste Google Analytics tracking code provided by the SBC into the website manager. For a how-to on this google "[SERVICE PROVIDER] how to insert google analytics tracking code." 

5. Once login credentials and google analytics steps are followed you will get an email from the SBC confirming your ability to get reimbursed.