WSA Members Tabling in Usdan

Ever had a great idea that you think would be beneficial for the Wesleyan community? Wonder why the Freeman gym does not have longer hours? Don't even know who the members of the WSA are? Then you're in luck because WSA members will be at an info table in Usdan every Tuesday and Thursday from 12noon to 1PM for the rest of the semester.

We are here in order for you to suggest ideas that you think would benefit Wesleyan and also for you to ask us questions about the work we are doing. We hope that through this effort, we will be able to get a better pulse of what students want from the WSA and from the administration in order to improve your time at Wesleyan.

So, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, look out for WSA representatives at an info table in Usdan every Tuesday and Thursday from 12noon-1PM. Hope to see you there!

#TBT: WSA Frosh Reps table at Usdan back in 2012.

#TBT: WSA Frosh Reps table at Usdan back in 2012.

Post author: Martin Malabanan '16

Weekly Budget Allocations Now Showcased Visually

This year we began implementing a new system that publishes the weekly student budget allocation data in a more accessible and visually appealing way. It is important for students to know how their Student Activity Fee (SAF) is being spent so they can make informed decisions about future changes in spending policy. In previous years weekly budget allocations were only posted on the last page of a pages long committee report that the Wesleyan Student Assembly produced each week. It should be noted that we still put allocation data in this report in addition to this new system.

To go to the weekly budget visualization website click the image below. 

Post author: Alex Garcia '17

Resolution Increasing Access to Policy Making Passes

This past Sunday the Wesleyan Student Assembly passed Resolution 4.37, The Resolution Supporting Bylaws Amendment for Students to Directly Propose Resolutions. Despite it's long name, the effects are rather simple. Resolution 4.37 lays out guidelines for how the Wesleyan Student Assembly will respond to petitions. The guidelines allow for the larger student body to directly introduce resolutions for the Wesleyan Student Assembly to vote on. For a petition to be voted on by the WSA it must be in the form used for other Wesleyan Student Assembly resolutions. Additionally, the number of signatories on the petition must be at least equal to the number of votes that the currently serving, democratically elected senator who received the least number of votes garnered. We believe this will lead to a more democratic, responsive, and transparent WSA with official guidelines for responding to petitions and allowing all students to propose resolutions.

For full text of resolution go to our legislation page here .

Post author: Jacob Maiman-Stadtmauer '19


WSA Supported Social Justice Training by SALD

Please join us this week for one of the many social justice trainings run and sponsored by SALD! These sessions come as a follow up to last Sunday's WSA Town Hall discussion about equity and inclusion in campus discussions, with a special focus on the Argus. With these sessions our intention is to help establish a stronger campus vocabulary and dialogue as we move to next Sunday's Town Hall where we will identify tangible steps forward we can take together as a campus. 

September Kick Off Email

Good afternoon!

Hope you all had a great summer and easy first day of classes. My name is Kate Cullen and I am the current President of the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA), which is Wesleyan’s student government. We have recently gone through a major facelift to be more inclusive, accessible and transparent. An explanation of these changes, as well as more info on how to register a student group and apply for funding through our new easy-to-use online interface can be found on our recently launched website.

In short, we now have a Senate (what used to be the WSA General Assembly) and a House (consortium of student leaders and community members invested in change). We hold weekly Sunday night meetings, alternating between Open Town Hall Meetings and General Assembly Legislative Sessions. 

If you are interested in campus issues such as environmental sustainability, sexual assault prevention, racial justice, socio-economic inclusion or reducing textbook costs, enhancing weekend social life and distributing student group funds, you should absolutely get involved with the WSA.

Elections for the Senate:

  1. By this Friday
    1. Submit a petition with 25 signatures: available in the WSA Office or here
    2. Submit a 200 word statement for the online ballot to
  2. On this Sunday at 6pm:
    1. Attend mandatory Candidates Meeting in Usdan 110 and following Town Hall Meeting
    2. Online polls are open Monday 9/14 at 12:01 am to Friday 9/18 at 11:59pm

How to get involved in the House:

We invite all student group leaders to be official members of the House, join us for bi-weekly meetings and work with us on WSA committees and working groups. Not a student group leader? No problem, come to three Sunday meetings and you can also become an official member of the House.

Other events we hope you will join us for:

  • First Town Hall Meeting, Sunday 9/13 7pm Center of Usdan
    • Current Agenda: Psi U suspension and Greek Life
  • First Annual State of the School with President Roth, Wednesday 9/16 8pm Chapel
  • Student Groups Fair Friday 9/18 2-5pm Huss Courtyard
  • Disorientation Week Monday 9/7 through Thursday 9/17

We look forward to getting to know all of you this year, collaborating on student life issues and raising our voice as one unified student body to the administration and Board of Trustees. Always feel free to reach out at, drop by a meeting or stop a WSA member walking around campus with any ideas or questions


Kate Cullen ‘16


Wesleyan Student Assembly