The Community Committee (CoCo) has 6 members and is charged with managing student groups, outreach to students, and maintenance of the website. This year, the committee will start exploring how to engage with alumni, parents, donors, professors, departments, and other interested stakeholders. The committee is responsible for the maintenance of a list of student groups and producing a comprehensive guide for these groups.  It works with the WSA's Student Budget Committee (SBC), the WSA Office, Student Activities Leadership & Development (SALD), and others to facilitate student group activities. Furthermore, CoCo has traditionally organized events for the student body at large such as Bandfire, Movie Night on Foss, and Cardinals' Night on Main.  CoCo encourages Wesleyan students to see themselves as citizens of greater Middletown and for other members of greater Middletown to welcome them as such.

The Coordinator's Mission for 2016-2017

Contact Key By Clicking on His Photo

Contact Key By Clicking on His Photo

  1. To increase school spirit by fostering and helping organize more campus-wide events that are sponsored by different student groups and departments within Wesleyan and the greater Middletown Community.
  2. To increase campus safety by promoting more trainings for bystander intervention, alcohol and drug consumption, process advising, etc. with the help of various Wesleyan offices including WesWell and Public Safety.
  3. To bridge the gap between students and administrators by promoting and holding events that will enable more students to interact with administrators in a more tangible and informal setting.
  4. To increase the accountability of the WSA by posting a weekly updated of the current projects and tasks all WSA members are working on.
  5. To increase the transparency of the WSA by publishing weekly reports on the major projects the WSA is working on or have accomplished for the benefit of Wesleyan and the student body.

Register a Student Group

  1. Log into OrgSync with Single Sign On. Visit OrgSync, select Wesleyan University in the drop-down, and then log in.
  2. On the Community Home page, select the green Browse Organizations button on the left hand side of the white banner. On the upper right, select “Register New Organization,” also in green.
  3. A pop-up will appear, select the “Wesleyan Student Assembly” as where you want to create the organization, then press the green “Select.” Follow instructions from here until the form is submitted.
  4. Download the Student Group Recognition Petition and get twenty signatures. You may also obtain a copy from the WSA Office.
  5. Please contact your student group category liaison to set up a meeting once all signatures are obtained. The liaisons will be listed below once CoCo is assembled.
    1. NOTE: If you are applying for a student group before the 3rd week of the first semester of school, please contact the chair by clicking their photo above.
  6. At that meeting, please bring your petition and be prepared for a short conversation on the nature of your new group.

Deadlines to register a new student group:

Fall deadline: first day of Fall Break (Otherwise, request will be deferred to next semester)

Spring deadline: first day of Spring Break (Otherwise, request will be deleted)

Category Liaisons

Maximo Lipman - Identity Groups

Keishan Christophe - Publication Groups

Vanessa Baker  Visual/Performance Arts Groups

Kimberly Ortega - Activism Groups

Kamau Laguerre - Sports Groups

Vanessa Baker Other Groups