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Join the Senate

The Senate is the existing, already established way to get involved with the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA). It is composed of 35 student representatives, elected in class and at-large elections. The Senate is a formal way to get involved with the WSA and emphasizes a sustained commitment to standing committees. Meetings are held every Sunday to report out to the community.

If you are interested in Academics and working with administrators, the Senate is for you. If you are interested in making our community more active, engaged, and entertaining, the Senate is for you. If you are interested in the well-being of our peers and our impact on the environment, the Senate is for you. If you are interested in managing the student budget and funding all the great events that student groups host, the Senate is for you. If you just want to make a difference in your community, the Senate is most definitely for you.

Check out our calendar to see when elections are being held. In order to get elected, a candidate must fill out a petition that is available in the WSA Office or will be posted online during the petition period. After that, a candidate will formally be put on the ballot. Candidates may also run a write-in campaign. Depending on how many seats are available for each class year or in the at-large election, the top vote-getters will be a part in the senate. If you do not win your election, no fear, because the House (detailed below) might be for you. 

Join the House

The House is a new type of way to get involved with the WSA. It is a non-committal, rolling membership that invites all student group leaders to be a part of bi-weekly meetings. The House is intended to promote transparency among the student body, be a place where we come together to celebrate, mourn, and move forward together as one unified campus. 

If you are not a student group leader, that's okay, because we need your help, too! Students on campus work on amazing things and need more help to make positive, impactful change for future Wes students. As such, the WSA is also introducing "Working Groups." Working Groups are projects meant to promote collaboration on social justice issues, issues facing the campus, or just problems you would like to see be fixed. They can be established at any time, with consent of the Senate or Leadership Board, and are disbanded when the goals set by the Working Group are met. The working groups for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows:

  • Title IX Task Force
  • First-Generation and Low-Income Student Issues

More information will be available as the year goes on. Be sure to attend our first House Meeting on 9/13 to get involved and make the change you want to see.