Funding Criteria for Evaluating Budget Requests

  • Number of participants and student demand
  • Cost per participant
  • Accessibility for new members and beginners
  • Necessity to group
  • Degree of benefit the event or club provides to the campus community
  • Whether the club or event is free, open, and inclusive
  • Whether the group is underrepresented
  • Relevance of event or activity to the student group's mission

We Do NOT Fund:

  • Retroactive requests. If you already spent the money, we can't fund you.
  • Food. We may fund up to $200 for food if it is related to the cultural purpose of an event.
  • Budgets that are for general, unspecified purposes. You must know what you are spending the money on before you request it.
  • Illegal or controlled substances, such as alcohol.
  • Student workers.
  • Attendance to conferences that solely benefit participants (i.e. through networking).
  • Gifts or gift cards.
  • Items that students keep for personal use (e.g. dildos, personalized shirts, prizes, etc.).
  • Activities that occur over breaks. Some exceptions may be made for this rule - ask us.

These criteria are informal. Read the SBC bylaws for full details on what we do and do not fund.