Other Funding Sources

If we do not fund your request, or you need as much funding as possible, you should know where else to ask for funding!

Concert Committee

Concert Committee meets every Sunday night. Currently, Jason Mitchner is the Chair and he can be contacted at jmitchner@wesleyan.edu.

Student Program Fund

The Student Programming Fund exists to assist student organizations in funding cultural, educational, and social events. This fund helps supplement the programmatic costs of events.

Green Fund

The Green Fund allocates student funds towards projects that traverse the broad definitions of environmental sustainability on campus.  The fund is comprised of a committee of students who are dedicated to working with the student body.  Please reach out to Ori Tannenbaum (otannenbaum@wesleyan.edu) for further inquiries.  

Adelphic Educational Fund

The Resource Center

The Resource Center, a culmination of student advocacy and activism, provides a centralized space where students can learn about, and advocate for, diversity and inclusion at Wesleyan as well as in their own lives. The Center was created to improve the educational experience of students from underrepresented groups, lessen violence, promote greater campus harmony, foster better mental health, and cultivate closer ties between alumnae/i at Wesleyan. If you believe your program or event aligns with the Resource Center's goals, please reach out to Demetrius Colvin (dcolvin@wesleyan.edu) to discuss co-sponsorship opportunities.

Academic Departments

Contact professors or Administrative Assistants of academic departments to find out how to request funding.