Proxy Voting

The Wesleyan Investments Office forwards all shareholder ballots to the CIR for review and completion. A regularly updated database of the CIR’s proxy votes since 2011, as well as the reasoning behind such decisions, is available to those with a Wesleyan log-in here.

In April 2012, the CIR created and approved a cohesive set of proxy voting guidelines. These guidelines, which are drawn from an extensive review of similar documents used by committees at our peer institutions and from those of SRI’s, aim to define our core values with respect to votes around, environmental, social, corporate governance, and human rights issues.

The CIR also has the power to file shareholder resolutions on behalf of the University, and has authored a publication with advice on how to go about filing such publication. A copy of a recent resolution submitted to the shareholders of Rockwood Holdings is available here.