Note: This FAQ is informal. Your group's financial manager MUST go to one of the financial manager training sessions held throughout the semester for more relevant and thorough information. 

What does the SBC do?

The SBC funds campus-wide events, inter-group and intra-group events, and annual costs (such as websites, travel, equipment, etc.). Our budget comes from the Student Activity Fund, which every student pays into. 

How does the SBC decide which groups to fund and how much?

We aim to cultivate a richer extracurricular environment and inclusive sense of community. To this end, we have some funding criteria we follow to decide which requests should be approved and to what extent. 

How do I request funding?

Please visit How to Apply for detailed instructions. If you still have questions, feel free to email for assistance. Please try to submit requests at least two weeks before they are required.

I'm not able to submit a budget request! What should I do?

The budget period is open for requests from Wednesday at 10 am to Friday at 4 pm. If you missed the deadline, email us at with an explanation of your circumstances. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests we receive each week, we may be unable to accommodate your request.

I missed something in my budget request, but I already submitted it. What should I do?

If the budget period is still open, submit a new budget request that includes what you missed. Otherwise, please let us know so we can help fix the problem. 

What time should I come to the SBC meeting after submitting my request?

The SBC meets on Mondays starting at 6 pm in Usdan 114. You should receive a text beforehand with an estimated meeting time. To ensure confidentiality, please until we call you in to enter.

How do I obtain funding if my request was approved?

It takes 3-5 business days for the WSA Office to transfer funds, hopefully you will receive them by Friday. Once you've received those funds - you can either spend your own money and be reimbursed or, if the expense is above $300, you can sign up for an appointment to use the WSA Office credit card. 

Any questions or concerns about receiving and using funds should be addressed to the WSA Office. Visit them at Usdan 104A or email them at .

My request was approved, but I didn't receive as much funding as I initially requested!

Since our funds are limited, most approved budgets are less than what was proposed. If you have any concerns about cuts we have made, please email us at and we will reconsider. You may also formally appeal our decision if you feel like there was a mistake.

My request was deferred - what does that mean?

Don't worry, a deferral is not a denial! We just need more information from you. Usually, this happens when budget requests are missing information that we need. We'll tell you what we need, and the sooner you provide it, the sooner we can decide on your request. 

What happens if my request gets denied?

We'll work with you to adjust your budget to meet our criteria, but if the request does not, unfortunately we will not be able to. If you feel this decision is unfair, contact the SBC within a week to start an appeal.